Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon Cigar

Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra

I finally finished Economics of a Pure Gold Standard by Professor Mark Skousen.  Still the best book (of 4 or 5) that I've read yet.

Time to type-up my notes and move on to the next Gold Standard book.  Look out - I are git'n smart!

Related, Hat Owner and Cigar Comrade Captain Capitalism has explained why printing excess money - adding to the Monetary Base - is inflationary and stupid:

U/T: Hayek, Freidman, Austrian School, Mises, Currency School of England, Jackson, Jefferson, Charles Carroll, Amasa Walker, Elgin Groseclose, Murray Rothbard, Howard Katz, henry Hazlitt, Lysander Spooner, W. Stanley Jevons, William Brought, David Ricardo, Lawrence White, George Selgin, and Professor Mark Skousen.

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