Monday, July 21, 2014

Democrat vs. Libertarian: My Choice

Why I will always prefer the Democrat Party nominee over the Libertarian Party nominee, and why I don't do drugs:

Time:  Ron Paul Says U.S. May Share Responsibility for Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash
He raises the possibility that the U.S. may be using the crash to start a war against Putin.
Former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul claimed Sunday that the U.S. and European Union may share responsibility for the downing of a Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine last week.

Democrats Obama and John Kerry guarantee us two very important things: 
1) Other than using MA17 as a distraction from their failed domestic policies, they will do nothing on the foreign policy front that would lead to war, and
2) They are incapable of diverting blame from Putin and Putin's thugs.
What would a President Ron Paul have done after the MA17 shootdown?

UPDATED 7.22.14, 16 hours later:

"False Flag" mentioned by the Alex Jones show.

I don't know who to feel more sympathy for.  Paulbots who are not embarrassed by Ron Paul's statements, the Alex Jones fan base lured by his 24/7 conspiracy noise, or the American blacks who've re-enslaved themselves under the Democrat Party.  In all cases, interestingly, both victim groups are told what to think and how smart they are by their masters.

I could be wrong, but I'm still attached to the story that a) thugs stealing Ukrainian property on behalf of Russia b) receive Russian military aid to steal Ukrainian property including heave anti-aircraft weapons designed to hit planes at 33,000 feet, and c) either on a whim or an order from their supplier, shoot down an airliner, committing an act of war.

Remember, this isn't Russia's first rodeo.

Keep your conspiracy theories and other noise to yourself.  If you want to leave a comment, please answer my question: 
What would a President Ron Paul have done after the MA17 shootdown?
Oh, and don't smoke crack.

UPDATED 30 minutes later:

Stefan Molyneux rushes to Ron Paul's defense.  My comments at his YouTube video:
Why not walk through the connections of Russia, the Russian thugs fighting in Ukraine, and the Russian heavy anti-aircraft weapons?  Why not talk about the single day between sanctions on Russia and the MA17 shoot down?

Ron Paul's comments were unprofessional. He is lucky to have a fan base that will shout down other ideas.

I'm not part of a lynch mob.  Russia, directly or indirectly, shot down an airliner.  They've done it before and will do it again if not held accountable.

My head hurts.  


Robert What? said...

There are two types of libertarians: conservative and leftist. The leftist ones consider themselves libertarians simply because they want to smoke pot. In all other regards they are big government socialists.

Regarding Ron Paul - he has no basis for making pronouncements that the Russians didn't do it. However, the war champions on the other side like John McCain have no basis for saying the Russians *did* do it. At this point there just is not enough information.

The big question is what would Putin hope to gain by participating in something like this? I just can't see it. Can you?

OTOH someone who wants to frame Putin might have a lot to gain. So the follow up question is who would gain by framing Putin and who is evil enough to shoot down a civilian airliner to do it?

Unless it was truly Machiavellian and Putin did it knowing everyone would blame him and then plant phony evidence suggesting the Ukrainians did it in an attempt to frame him. My head hurts :)

Karl said...

Russian Rocket kills 298. Russia should be held accountable.

What would President Ron Paul do?

Robert What? said...

But you don't know who fired it and how they acquired it. And why hasn't the black box transcript been made public yet? And who has it?

Karl said...

Sorry Robert, I've done the conspiracy spiral with Libertarians before.

I think you, Ron Paul, and the Libertarian voices out there, are playing a dangerous game when you immediately react to events with far-fetched explanations or diversionary demands or questions.

Every question you ask is relevant to the event, but like a single screw in a battleship for example, extremely minor to the whole issue.

You, and the others, suggest my comments and demands for justice come from some GOP establishment. Not the case. It must be a combination of my ideology and my acquired hawkishness towards foreign policy.

Really - what would President Ron Paul do? Would he just throw out questions and demand an investigation? Would he say the passengers of MA17 should take responsibility for their decision to fly?