Thursday, July 17, 2014

Israel vs. Hamas

Do you remember Army Sergeant Kenneth T. Ford?

Ford was at a Berlin disco on April 5th, 1986.  He died instantly in a bomb attack, along with a German citizen.  Another US serviceman, Sergeant James E. Goins, died later from his wounds.

The disco bombing was linked to Libya.

President Reagan bombed the living shit out of Libya.  60 tons of munitions were dropped in twelve minutes in Operation El Dorado Canyon.  All over one dead American.

Standards were high back then.  Gaddafi learned a lesson that day: do not kill a single American.

Apparently Benjamin Netanyahu is setting those high standards again in response to three dead teenagers.  Luckily, he won't have to ask the French for overflight permission.

Have you noticed the MSM hasn't found its voice against Israel as they have in the past?  It doesn't help their cause when Israel finds 20 rockets in a Palestinian school managed by the UN.

We were shocked to learn it was only 20.

It took two days of running headlines with the word "ceasefire" to finally steer Israel into a ceasefire agreement, and only for 6 hours.  Then Hamas broke the agreement - big surprise.  Hamas is the murdering lying criminal element in this conflict.

Kudos to Bibi for timing his attacks when the media is distracted and/or sympathetic.  Only three Israeli teenagers were killed, and we have a fantastic and prolonged series of precision attacks on terrorist targets.  Roughly 200 Palestinians have died in the most populated place on the planet - a miracle of technology combined with responsible Israeli leadership.

There is no end in sight and rumors of possible ground action.  Excellent.  Long gone are the days of the partnership between the MSM and that AIDS-infected terrorist, Yassir Arafat.  Israel will be seen as generous so long as they refrain from bulldozing the full Gaza strip.

Israel controls the narrative now.

And the new unwritten rule for Palestinians is, "kill less than three."

From Earl of Taint:

This Ushanka Babe post is dedicated to the women of the IDF.

UPDATED 7:30pm:

It appears the rumors of a ground attack in Gaza were true.  The tanks were rolling in as I was posting the item above.

Good luck, Israel.  Do not stop until you can guarantee a more safe, more secure Israel.

Image from ZH.

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