Sunday, July 27, 2014

Free Signups!

If you are lucky enough to live in the Wisconsin town of Campbell, you can get free help signing up for ObamaCare.

Police Chief Tim Kelemen did just that to Tea Party leader Greg Luce - without Luce's consent.

It seems the two had a falling out, and the Police Chief thought it'd be a good prank to sign Luce up to ObamaCare.  That must have taken a while....

Chief Kelemen (pictured above while in court this past week) also signed Luce up to some pornography and gay dating services.  How is that for Protect and Serve?

Now, it is odd that a liberal would think it is an insult to sign someone up for ObamaCare, or for gay dating.  Perhaps those sites were already bookmarked in the Chief's browser?  Because, as we've explained here before, Gay is the new Black, and every white male should consider selecting the gay orientation to reap the employment and social benefits. 

Chief Kelemen has plead No Contest to the charges.

Police One:

The charge stems from a feud between Kelemen and tea party leader Greg Luce. It began last fall when the tea party began holding protests on an interstate overpass in Campbell. Concerned the protests were distracting drivers, Kelemen persuaded the town board to ban signs on the bridge.


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