Friday, July 11, 2014

The WSJ-Obama Alliance

Does the Wall Street Journal read their own editorials?  What are they paying Kimberly Strassel for?

Today's WSJ: The Impeachment Delusion.
One unfortunate reality of modern politics is the right-left mutually reinforcing media echo chamber. The most extreme voices on either side broadcast the most outrageous statements of the other side as a way to define their opposition and attract attention to themselves. This is the way to understand the flurry of fever-swamp chatter about impeaching President Obama.

Sarah Palin joined the impeachment calls on Tuesday, which could mean that the former Alaska Governor has been feeling neglected. She is following the talk radio hosts and obscure authors who are trying to increase audience share or sell books by posing as Mr. Obama's loudest opponents.
I couldn't be more happy to know I dumped the Journal a while ago. 

The Journal editorial board has always had a weak spot for immigration reform.  They have always been in the minority on the issue.  The worst for America, the better.  They are useful idiots to the crisis-as-a-means administration.  No doubt today's article is in response to the overwhelming outrage of the criminal act of opening our borders to the Free Stuff crowds of Guatemala. 

The Journal better get with the program.  I'm related to two life-long Democrat voters who'll be voting Republican in November because of two Democrat initiatives: Gay marriage and Obama's open borders policy.  They are starting to listen to the attention-seeking critics that the Journal abhors.  I've been telling them for years: "This isn't your father's Democrat Party.  Unless Karl Marx was your father."  They are starting to listen.

No book sales here.  Not attracting any attention either.  No, instead this is a blog by an American father, husband, patriot (with a slightly conservative slant).  Trying to silence or shame me for my criticism of the criminal acts of Obama and his ilk aint gonna work.

Why not an editorial with the truth about impeachment?  Obama is black.  A majority of elected officials suffer from white guilt.  The dear leader can do whatever he wants.  There will be no impeachment. 

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Robert What? said...

Forget impeachment. I think the guy needs to be committed as he has totally lost touch with reality. It really is unfortunate the this had to be the first black president. I don't think the country will have the stomach for another one for the forseeabl future. Memo to black Democrats - the Latino invasion you are championing ain't gonna vote black. They will sooner vote Republican. They are anti-black and cannot be shamed into it like guilt-ridden whites.