Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Quote of the Day

More like: Quote of the Era.  I wish I was the author.

Fry Koskenin nails it in his Return of Kings article, The Root of Communism is Self-Hatred

Here are the best - all difficult to separate from the full piece.  Fry has lost his patience with the Liberals Progressives Communists running the show, and their supporters:
Let it be known, though, that when at war, I do not play nicely, nor do I adhere to the ineffectual principle of proportional force. Therefore, if a proud Obama-lover finds me at a cocktail party, she can expect to receive only shame added to mockery multiplied by contempt to the power of disgust. Our dictators are protected and untouchable, but their supporters are not, and it’s high time that these worthless rats suffer for the mess they have made (and, in fact, always wanted).
Why should one man break his back every day on this harsh rock, only to have a gun be stuck in his face and an ever-increasing portion of his work-product seized to pay for another man, who, cannot (or will not) fend for himself?
In truth, the communist’s motivation has very little to do with altruism. Instead, it stems from intense jealousy, self-loathing, and a lust for revenge against nature. In short, they hate themselves for being irredeemably unfit and impotent, and thus, they want to see all reflectors of their failures burn.
This gnawing unease initially perplexes him, until he realizes that it’s not protection or security that he actually seeks—instead, the deepest part of his soul craves only the destruction of his betters.
If the communists’ end goal was simply power, well, they have that already. They could run a fairly prosperous and powerful country from the safety of their elected offices, and smirk as they collect tax revenue and distribute it to their chosen supporters.
But this is not enough, and they continue their craven pursuit of all-encompassing destruction. Why continue to bankrupt the country when you already control it?
Producers have almost no way to escape this sinking ship, but so long as our diminishing freedom of speech still exists, I’m not going down without heaping a shit-load of shame onto a few communists along the way.
Go read it all, including his recent smack-down of a liberal friend.

Fry's Amazon page - he has two books.

U/T: Captain Capitalism

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