Thursday, July 10, 2014

Now On My Way To Meet You

A new show in South Korea is offering North Korean defectors an opportunity to present their stories of North Korea and their defections with some humor and support.

Now On My Way To Meet You

"I still feel uncomfortable when I have to make people laugh, or perform. I am still wedded to North Korea's stiff style," said Han, 30, who for four years from 2002 played a stringed instrument as part of Kim Jong-il's troupe.
In one episode, Lee Seo-Yoon, who had lived in a town near the North Korean border with China, describes her new life in Seoul: “In the wintertime, it made me sad when I stepped into a warm apartment. Thinking of my parents and sister who will be suffering in the cold, I couldn’t bring myself to stay warm. So I turned the heat off and stayed in the cold room, thinking of and missing my family.”
Los Angeles Times
"I heard about the program through a friend. I was hesitant at first because I'm a shy person, and I still have family members back in North Korea," Lee said. "But now I'm glad I decided to come on the show. I get to share my story and inform many people about North Korea."
Joo Yang, a 23-year-old defector and the evening’s guest of honor, has brought along some smuggled ingredients from her home country’s black market. 

Joo Yang is on the show and is also an intern for Liberty in North Korea (LiNK).  You can donate to LiNK using the Donate button at the left

LiNK helps defectors, who are trapped in China, make their way down to South Korea. 

Can you think of a better organization to donate to?

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