Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Caliphate - A Primer

Please excuse the randomness of my comments below.  I wanted to get all this out, but I did not have the time to organize my thoughts better....

Our comrade at NoisyRoom has posted this Blaze video that explains the formation of the next Islamic State, or Caliphate.  Some good info.

He mentions the core Islamic group driving this huge Caliphate is roughly 10,000 strong.  You'll recall, Lenin only had 1200 core members in Petrograd in 1917.  Let's just say it is amazing what a few determined people can do IF allowed.


It is easy for these developments to get one down.  Are you getting depressed?  Frustrated?  Angry? 

If so, allow me to offer some advice:

First, as a rule to live by, always fight evil wherever it is found and with superior savagery.  Demand that your friends and family do the same.  This fight starts in the voting booth, and ends in the streets.  Key words: ALWAYS, FIGHT, and SAVAGERY.

Second, be prepared so the impact of a growing Islamic State is minimized.  I don't do much on this topic here at Ushanka, but the smart folks in my Blogroll to the left often touch on preparation topics such as food, medical, security, and how to stay warm when the heat goes out...

Third, you'll need a goal to keep you focused and strong.  It'll be a depressing time, but there will be some funny developments if you have an eye for it. 

Remember, muslims like the rule: The enemy of your enemy is your friend.  Today, the Muslim's enemy is us (freedom-loving, conservative, christian, Republican, free, happy, etc.).  So, that means the Democrats are their friends.  You've noticed the Democrat Party has worked against the War on Terror from the start.  You've noticed the Democrats' hero of this war is Bergdahl, and their hero from the Vietnam war is John Kerry.  But that is the current story.  Lenin had a more accurate term for his enemies' enemies: useful idiots.  This 'friendship' will only last until it is no longer "useful."

So, here is the game to play when this fight reaches the States.  Pick a faction of the Democrat Party such as the environmentalists, the hippies, the welfare class, the gay political movement or the atheists.  Each faction has had years to polish their message, and they've have made great gains with their language and boldness.  If/when the Caliphate hits our shores, these factions will be there waiting to welcome their new friends as liberators.  And then, comrades, the hilarity will ensue. 

Oh, to be there when Rachel Maddow explains the virtues of tolerance and diversity to Mohammed.


Personally, I think we are returning to the Middle East of the 80's.  Angry, hostile, contained.  We'll see the US flag burned and stomped.  Muslims killing muslims and the occasional terrorist attack.  Maybe the states there will be more unified, but maybe not.  Yes, the US will need to be more vigilant against the manufacturing, deployment and use of WMDs, but otherwise, same o same o.

Freedom in the Middle East was an admirable goal.  Placing two democracy's on each side of Iran was an admirable goal.  It was worth the cost, but only if follow-on presidents shared these same goals.


If it turns bad.  If all is lost.  My plan is simple: I go out laughing. 

Until then, I'll be waiting, watching, and munching.

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