Thursday, July 31, 2014

The GOP's White Flag of Shame

I created the White Flag Spotting blog tag back when I started Ushanka.  It was a great way to collect all the cartoons making fun of liberals who were furious at W's war successes and the millions of newly freed Iraqis and Afghans.  Click on the label below to go back in time to remember a day when it was Democrats waving the flag with tears in their eyes.

That was then.  This is now.

Hat owner and comrade, Diann, has captured the flag-wavers of today.

In one word: disgrace.

Impeachment is long past due - assuming the lower standards of Affirmative Action do not apply to the presidency...

Maybe Obama's impeachment will be a 2-step process:  Step 1) Strip weak Republicans from their leadership roles in congress, and Step 2) Impeach the president of the United States for violating the Constitution.

I'm fine with impeachment dying in the Senate as it did the last time this country elected a Democrat.  The important thing is that people who claim to adhere to values and standards act on those values and standards.  If they can't act, then at least they can answer this question:
How many tens of thousands of illegals must enter this country before the open borders justifies an impeachable offense?

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