Sunday, July 06, 2014

Who Supports Illegal Immigration?

Communists.  (If you said Obama, that would also be correct.)


Because it weakens the biggest threat to Communism - A free and prosperous America with a firm rule of law.

Politi-Chicks has connected the dots on this one.

Carl Dix is a commie.   He is a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.  He is also the founder of a new entity, Stop Mass Incarceration Network.

Both Communist groups are backing, wholesale, the continued illegal immigration agitation on our Southern border.  Not because they want to help the immigrants, but because they hate America and our freedom.

You'll recall back in March 2009 Obama had already acted on 43 of the 44 goals from the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).  (They didn't run a candidate in 2008, but instead endorsed Obama.)  It isn't like Carl, and his commie friend Cornel West need to help anymore.

Here they are at a 2010 event:

The communist inspirations are strong in these two!

As two black men, they should know that the Soviet Union used race issues to try to divide and stifle a strong USA.  The Soviets used blacks just as much as the Democrat Party has used the blacks.

The Soviets had a good thing going until 1968, when their propaganda failed:
The Soviet Union would show video and photo clips of homelessness, unemployment and crime in the States before their movies in the Soviet theaters.  Soviet citizens were shown horrible images from the USA as proof that we were far poorer and destitute than the Soviet citizens were. 
This worked until they showed an image of a black man being beaten by Chicago police during the Democrat National Committee anti-war riots in 1968.  Instead of focusing on the beating or the races of the police (white) and the black man being beaten, everyone noticed the nice shoes the black man was wearing.  The Soviet propagandists never fully recovered after that.
So next time you see some news about the current immigration mess, or an anti-war rally, or a Detroit pay-our-water-bill protest, remember, it is all part of a bigger plan.  They are schemers with an evil plan.  A reparations and redistribution plan.  A slavery plan.  A Communist plan.

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Robert What? said...

The thing the black communists / collectivists don't realize, is that the Latino invasion they are championing ain't going to vote for a black candidate. They will sooner vote Republican.