Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Michelle Nunn - Another Corrupt Democrat

For you young'ins, an excellent way to measure the decline of America is to look to the Georgia politicians, Senator Sam Nunn and his daughter, Michelle.

Senator Nunn is one of those Democrats of America's past.  Yes, liberal.  But an American who put America first.  I remember watching Senator Nunn who was active in our National Security matters.  He was impressive and serious.

The Democrat Party of today would not tolerate a man of Sam Nunn's character and patriotism.

However, his daughter Michelle is a good fit and is running for the US Senate this year.

Eliana Johnson of National Review Online wrote an article yesterday about Michelle: Michelle Nunn's Campaign Plan

Oh my!

Apparently, Michelle's campaign staff accidentally made a confidential document public.  They took it offline but not before some intolerant right-winger got a hold of it. 

Allow this intolerant right-winger to share some key disclosures:
Michelle is advised to target Jewish and Asian donors in Georgia as the source of most of the needed campaign funds,

Michelle is advised to use those fund to bring out the Black and Hispanic votes that normally stay home in mid-term elections,

Michelle, an elite Atlanta resident, is advised to get some photos of her in rural settings to appeal to the rural voters, and

Michelle was the recent CEO of Points of Light Foundation, whose parent company is a Hamas supporter.
Hilarious in and of itself.  But then Glenn posted this Twitter exchange where a Liberal Progressive Communist tried to distract from the article's contents: 

A Ushanka Tip and standing ovation for Eliana:

My post at the article:

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