Saturday, October 25, 2014

Once a Commie...

Hillary rephrased Obama's "You didn't build that" with "Don't Let Anybody Tell You That Businesses Create Jobs" earlier this week.  Story at Breitbart.

We're adding a second shift at the Commie Obama hat factory in preparation for 2016.  Buy now, or stand in line later!

UPDATED 10.25.14 10pm:

Comrade, author, blogger, t-shirt maker, hat owner, Diann comments on Hillary's statement in her latest rant at ATRS, w/ photoshop:
These morons have no earthly idea how the private sector economy works because they have never in their pampered, government-funded lives had even a passing acquaintance with the private sector.

UPDATED 10.26.14 11am:

Comrade Doug posts Hillary's top 12 public statements.

And Ace of Spades posts this gem from Jon Lovitz:

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