Thursday, October 30, 2014

Election Pep Talk

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Another must-see from comrade Joe Dan over at Intellectual Froglegs.

A great 6-minute fireside chat with plenty of Hammer and Sickle, and a friendly message to those Libertarians out there. 

UPDATED 5 minutes later...

A FB Comrade shared this, and I am compelled to do likewise.

UPDATED 10.29.14 7:30pm:

Steve Doocy at FoxNews:

UPDATED and BUMPED 10.30.14 9pm:

FB Comrade David, a hard-core Republican, pointed me to this American Thinker article written by Doub Thorburn.  Doug is a lifelong Libertarian who has seen enough spoiled elections to know the Libertarian Party is failing the country.  He make the case for voting for the "less evil" in his article, Why it's time for Libertarians to Vote for Republicans.  He is donating to many of the campaigns across the States, so this isn't just words.
Voting for Libertarian Party candidates today serves only to divide the vote between those who would slow (Republicans) or reverse (libertarians) the trend towards increasing statism. Splitting the vote allows those who would accelerate that trend to win by default. We need to support -- dare I say it? -- the lesser of the evils. While most votes require me to hold my nose, I get lucky now and then and truly support a candidate. I would love the opportunity to vote for a Rand Paul, a Ted Cruz, a Marco Rubio -- and suspect I will soon have such an opportunity. But we need to ensure Republicans -- even those we would never vote for in a sane world – win the Senate so that we can hold the line in the interim. We can’t afford to give another seat on the Supreme Court to a pseudo-liberal. The reign of Harry Reid, one of the most despicable statists ever to hold elected office, must end.

And, to be fair, here is a blog post from Comrade K over at III Percent Patriots.  He is making the case for just the opposite: Why voting is not a viable means of course correction...   If you leave a comment, be polite.  He's just one of those like-minded comrades who values dissent more.

Bottom line: we need to pull votes from the Democrats.  Not all of them like Ebola, inflation, unemployment and bad healthcare.

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