Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Commies Compete

Our third post motivated by Zombie's Sept. 21 report of the Eco-Communist rally in Oakland.

Roughly once every two years I update my bookmarks for commie organizations.  The list was small back in 2008.  Maybe 6 to 8 total.

Zombie's report gave me the motivation to update my list, and I thought I'd share in case you want to click around and do some eye-rolling exercises.

The key point of this post is this:  These Karl Marx evangelists are setting up booths at an event, thus competing for attention and dollars.  Each wants their organization to grow, and are thus forced to attract market share (and market dollars) from others.  Had I been there, I'd move from booth to booth and ask:
Why is your organization better than the others at punishing the successful and getting me more free stuff?
If I wasn't exposed as a right-winger, I'd ask this follow-up question:
Who did your organization endorse in the 2012 election?
At best, I'd be on thin ice at that point.  But if allowed to ask one more question, I'd ask:
Have you ever seen one of these before?

And we'll never know, but...  What if I had setup a Commie Obama Hat booth there and told the fine smelly hippies that we save a dolphin with each hat sold?

The organizations Zombie names in his report:
Communist Party USA
Revolutionary Communist Party 
Solidarity   (FB, w/ 68k likes.  Impressive.)
Socialist Worker  (FB, w/ 41k likes.)
Socialist Alternative  (FB, w/ 39k likes.)
Democrat Socialists of America  
Freedom Socialist Party 
Worker's World Party 
System Change Not Climate Change   (FB, with 2500 likes)
    Quiz!! Am I an Eco-Socialist
Socialist Party USA  (FB, w/ 1400 likes
Socialist Worker's Party  (FB, w/ 11k likes)
Socialist Action  (FB, with 480 likes)
Industrial Workers of the World (aka, Wobblies)  (FB, w/ 5600 likes)
Code Pink 
World Can't Wait  (FB, w/ 10k likes)
North California Socialism  (FB, w/ 562 likes)
    Regional group?  Do they understand how communism works?
Brown and Green
350 Bay Area   (FB, w/ 1400 likes)
    Zombie says these guys aren't commies

That was the short list.

Check out the long list of rally supporters: National, and International.  Unbelievable.

Everywhere I turned, I encountered people with the message,

“System Change, Not Climate Change.” 

If anything, this was the motto of the entire rally.

ReasonTV wastes their time interviewing Chris Hedges, Commie:

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Anonymous said...

A commie former friend once bragged that the little commie group he belonged to made a crap ton of money selling their asswipe newspaper at anti-Bush demonstrations in San Francisco. Of course being commies he didn't get a share of the loot.