Friday, October 24, 2014


Maetenloch at Ace of Spades shares his opinion on the weed:
Having dealt with pot users from total 24/7 stoners to mere weekend enthusiasts I can't think of even one non-trivial insight gained via marijuana. Mostly the amazing thought breakthroughs achieved while high sound something like this: 'Hey what if every object is both itself and like it's complete opposite at the same time. You know like a thing and its shadow but in ONE essence. Wow. ' Which is to say stupidly trivial and nonsensical in the harsh light of sobriety. But they keep trying to explain the  deep significance of their insight but struggle to put it into words that make any sense.

Now perhaps marijuana does in fact open your mind to different levels of perception and new ways of thinking - but given that these always seem to be inexpressible in either words or actions, I'm rather skeptical that they have any use or even exist. I suspect that one of the effects of pot is that it gives you the feeling that you're having amazing insights and mental breakthroughs only without any actual insights or breakthroughs.
I have zero experience with the drug or its users, but I find Maetenloch's perspective, well, perfect.

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