Friday, October 24, 2014

The Palin Kerfuffle

The Palin family was involved in some bar fight. 

Months ago. 

Wasn't interested.  Didn't want to hear the story after it flowed through multiple [liberal] bias filters.  I only wanted to hear it from a fellow conservative.  From someone I trust.

So I waited.

Bristol Palin

Comrade and hat owner NiceDeb has a thorough post, with videos and soundbites:  Why Does CNN host Carol Costello Still Have A Job?
What you are asked to “sit back and enjoy” is the sound of a tearful and near hysterical Bristol Palin describing to the police the physical assault she had just experienced.

It’s not too difficult for those of us who track and document left-wing thuggery, to see what was going on there.
Worth the wait.  And more proof the Democrats have no abilities beyond distributing harm and redistributing wealth.  Envy and resentment, non-stop.

U/T: NiceDeb

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