Monday, October 13, 2014

Movie Added: The Book Thief

I added The Book Thief to the Cinema section on the left.

Wow.  What a great movie!

Set in WWII Germany, you'll see the war ramp up from the citizens' eyes.  Some are patriotic and caught up in the Nazi glory, others see it clearly for what it is. 

The thief is a young girl who is sent to stay with a German couple.  Her mother is/was a communist. Communists in Nazi Germany shared the same fate as the Jews.  She takes a smoldering book from a book burning, then a Jew in hiding and her adoptive father teach her to read.  A passion for reading follows, and more books come from an unlikely source.

You'll learn that tyranny doesn't just bring suffering, destruction and death as it is designed to do, but also exposes human kindness, courage and a value for life.

If you watch it, let me know what you think.

U/T:  Comrade Huck's Better Half

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Movies have created a way of speaking that filtered through the youth of the nation and actually stuck for quite awhile. We still get new phrases from them.