Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola: Thoughts and Links

Pics, or it didn't happen!!

Obama: ‘I hugged and kissed’ medical staff treating an Ebola patient — and ‘felt perfectly safe doing so’
When has Obama asked not to be photographed?  Or will we only see the pictures if Ebola burns out and Obama declares victory?

Other presidents take photos in hospitals. 

Golf and Fund-Raiser cancellations to hold meeting on Ebola?  

Or did he realize this thing is contagious and serious, and the filtered air of the White House was more appealing?  Who would want to shake hands with a bunch of contributors?

This is the OJT-President who clearly can't execute anything decided in a meeting.  And there won't be any decisions because Ebola has not reached the outbreak level yet to justify martial law.

Raconteur does the math on the Ebola vaccine production considerations:
Okay, gonna need to ramp things up even more: 15,000 doses per HOUR!

Much, much better. Now they'll only need 274 days to get us the doses we'll need.
So, at current rate of Ebola spread, in 274 days where are we?
Everyone in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia already has Ebola, 70-90% of them are dead, their governments long-since collapsed, infected populations spread to the four points of the compass, and Africa is amidst a biblical continent-wide pandemic.

Which means we'll need another 1,000,000,000 doses right away.
In other words, an Ebola vaccine for this outbreak is a myth.

Joseph Curl at the Washington Times:  Obama’s spectacular incompetence turns deadly

The president — and the president alone — let Ebola into America. He could have made one phone call (even on Saturday, when playing his 200th round of golf as president) and said one sentence to protect all Americans from the usually fatal disease: “No one from West Africa gets into the country.”

Mr. Obama’s stunning incompetence filters down to all who work for him (and in many cases, were hand-picked by him).

…with an election just three weeks away, the president is suddenly engaged. Every day brings more announcements of blue-ribbon meetings on Ebola, more pictures of him hard at work solving the world’s problems (no reporters, so no questions). There was even sudden talk of him going to Dallas to make it all OK.
The meetings and the government response(s) mean nothing.  If W was still president, we'd see a lot of the same - if he had let it get to this point.

The truth about Ebola:  Now that the dear leader has let Ebola into the country, the disease will dictate events.

Gateway Pundit nails it with this title:  OBAMA PANICS as Ebola Hits Key Single Women Voting Demo Weeks Before Election

Exactly!  But I'll go further:  All three Ebola patients are Obama voters.  How do I know?  Because they behave like Obama voters.

Of the three, two jumped on crowded airplanes knowing they were infected.  The third continued a relationship with her boyfriend during the 21-day incubation period.  These are behaviors of the stupid, selfish, and entitled mindset.  AKA Obama voters.

The Dallas hospital staff have come out complaining of medical waste stacked to the ceilings and of poor procedures during the early days of Duncan's treatment.  Then one kisses her boyfriend and another does some air travel.

This shows that Ebola, the virus, isn't the true threat to the United States.  Obama voters are.

UPDATED 10.16.14 10:30am:

The latest infection rate of healthcare workers.  
ZH reports 427 healthcare workers in Africa are infected, out of a total of 9000.  Africa: 4.7%

In the US, 2 of the total 3 infected are healthcare workers.  US:  66%
Maybe someone in Obama's meeting could propose asking the African medical teams to conduct training for the US workers?  (Preferably over Skype.)

I wonder how their pay differs....

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