Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ebola: Random Thoughts (and Images)

James Bond knows how to spot a bluff.

I'd like to think I do too.

"Ebola is not airborne," bluffs CDC bureaucrat Tom Frieden and our dear leader.

I say prove it.

I'll call.

Mr. Frieden, go into the room of Patient #2 in Dallas with protective booties, but without a gown, mask or other precautions.  Take the dear leader with you.  Stand there by her bed for 15 minutes, then leave.

Let me tell you what the recent lag in Ebola news tells me.  They are busy doing two things:
1) They are focus-group-testing how to walk back stupid statements like "it isn't airborne" and "the nurse made a mistake" and "we have Ebola under control" and "it seems imprudent at this juncture to seal the border and stop air travel to and from Africa," and

2) They are each preparing for their own personal bug-out.  (Probably watching my recent Bug Out Bag video.)
And let me tell you what they are not doing.

The affirmative action/EOE employers at CDC and the Federal government are not equipped, organizationally or intellectually, to develop a plan to save Americans.  Their offices might be a whirlwind of activity right now, but it is all for show.  If we really wanted an organization to work on our behalf, we'd allow the private sector to create CDC-like for-profit businesses to address Ebola, the Enterovirus, and other Democrat-enabled outbreaks.  We'd call it "Plan B."

Or, Plan C.

We could hope Ebola hits the gay community.

Remember, this isn't our first rodeo.  In the mid-80's another deadly disease came here from Africa.  We conquered it.  How?  The Gays.

The Gays have money and influence that far exceeds their numbers.  When they act as a group, things get done.

When AIDS took Liberace and other Hollywood Gays, they took action.  AIDS research funding was 2-3X that of the two leading causes of death, cancer and heart disease.  That is HUGE for a disease that only killed a select few who, after 1985 or so, knowingly exposed themselves to the disease.  The Gays were able to control the virus and, arguably achieve their real goal: return to unprotected sex with multiple partners.

We don't need to re-invent the wheel here.  If we really want to beat Ebola, we need to mobilize the Gays.  Who's with me?

Think this last suggestion is in bad taste?  How does it compare to your government knowingly telling you lies about the a potential Ebola outbreak in the US?  How does it compare to the open border?  How does it compare to the President choosing golf and fund-raising over crisis-management?  Comments are open....


At American Thinker by Carol Brown: Ebola: Truth, Lies, Human Error and Common Sense.

At Gateway Pundit:  Bill O'Reilly calls on Tom Frieden to resign.


Reiuxcat said...

Spinning their wheels and getting no where. Just like the ISIS air (non)campaign.

Robert What? said...

The worst part is that we have to pay the bloated salaries of pinheads like that. And when he retires at 55 we'll have to pay his bloated pension for decades. I am looking forward to hearing about the first bureaucrat or congressman testing positive for Ebola.