Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why Are All Ebola Patients Obama Voters?

A theory I floated on October 16th, the behavior of people at risk of contracting Ebola is self-centered, selfish, and dangerous.  I'm sure there are some Republicans with those traits, but EVERY Obama voter shares those traits and it appears only Obama voters are coming down with Ebola.
So far.
Below is a summary of the Ebola patients in the states.
That we know of. 

It includes Dr. Craig Spencer of New York, who took the Subway to bowling last night, then used Uber to get home.  His significant other is now in quarantine - a possible victim of the most extreme selfishness.

The only patients so far who did not violate basic contamination rules were those diagnosed or considered extremely high-risk in Africa, and then brought to the states for treatment.

In other words, every patient who could violate the contamination rules and put others at risk of infection. . .  did so.

EVERY patient who either snuck into this country, or contracted the disease in the states, behaved in the most Egocentric, Boorish, Opprobrious, Loutish and Abusive manner possible (EBOLA).

They have violated our trust and put more Americans at risk.

Their behavior is treasonous to both their country and to their species.

They deserve a treatment regimen of placebos, and their families should be invited to speak with the local death panels.

These patients should get the same treatment Obama suggests Jane Sturm's mother should get:

Callous?  I've been called worse.

1) The medical professionals should stay in Africa.  The treatment they get in Atlanta and elsewhere is possible in Africa too. Ebola should never be knowingly brought here.

2) We should secure our borders.

3)  Air travel should be banned to/from countries with Ebola outbreaks.

4) Don't send any US government resources, military or civilian, to infected countries.

5) Quarantine all at-risk citizens who exhibit self-centered, inconsiderate and entitlement behavior as if they were raised by Jerry Springer and Oprah.

UPDATED 10.24 9:30am:

It seems quite clear that the public health people aren’t taking this disease seriously enough. Plus: “Mark Levine, a city councilman who represents the doctor’s Manhattan neighborhood, said earlier Thursday that city health department workers were canvassing the area, distributing information on the disease door-to-door, according to CNN affiliate WABC. ‘The goal right now is to make sure people don’t panic,’ he said.” Yeah, that’s been the goal all along. I suggest prioritizing this goal: Making sure people don’t get or spread Ebola.
ZH, discussing Medical Martial Law:
But going beyond the hidden motives of tyrants, I think it is important to point out that the Center for Disease Control and the federal government in general has already lost all credibility in dealing with Ebola, and therefore, it has lost any authority it may have had in administrating a future response.
UPDATED 10.24 11:30am:

Second City Cop, a Chicago police officer and blogger, shares the instructions for emergency personnel discussing Ebola over the radio:
". . . dispatchers were told to use the code letters “F/T,” for Fever/Travel, to indicate that a 911 caller had a fever and a history of travel to West Africa."

Keep the public in the dark - that'll solve everything.
UPDATED 10.24 Noon:

I've updated the graphic.

Yes, Thomas Duncan confirmed by his actions that he was an Obama voter.  Correct, he was not a citizen.  When did that matter?

UPDATED 10.24.14 1pm:

Thanks for linking Western Rifle!  A comment from an all-caring Quantrill:
Ebola Spreaders Without Borders……enjoy it you socialist NYers….I care about you…I really do
UPDATED 10.25.14 5pm:

Thanks for the link Comrade Doug!

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