Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Watermelon Revolution

Comrade Zombietime posts his report and video from the September 21st Eco-Commie gathering in Oakland:

At the New York event, many people noticed that gee, there sure are a lot of communists at this march. But in Oakland — always on the cutting edge — the entire “climate change” movement at last fully, irrevocably and overtly embraced communism as its stated goal. Any concerns about “optics” or operating in “stealth mode” were abandoned.

 - - -

Speak Out Now had a presence — and despite their innocuous name, they were amongst the most radical and extremist groups at the entire rally, calling for a violent communist revolution based on “the ideas and actions of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, on the model of the Russian Revolution of 1917 when the working class showed its capacity to take over” because “Socialism cannot come through a modification of the existing system.”

So, is it starting to get a little clearer what they mean by “System change, not climate change”?

At the 0:30 mark, the girl in the red shirt reads from the script:
Capitalism and a healthy environment cannot coexist.
We're going to have to disrupt and transform the capitalist system.  That is why we say 'system change,' not 'climate change.'

Zombie posted some good photos from the event.  Go check them out.

I'm planning on posting at least two more posts based on Zombie's report.  Don't touch that dial!

Oh ya.  Speaking of smelly commie pinko hippies, I captured this Yahoo headline back on September 23rd:

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Robert What? said...

Yet the communist states (China, the old USSR) are among the most polluted places on the planet. Go figure.