Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Kurds' Fate

A mother and daughter prepare to defend themselves against ISIS in Kobane.  The direct threat to them and their Kurdish town has been known for weeks, and the ISIS expansion in their direction has been known for months.

Our dear leader announced he has ordered air strikes to slow/stop the ISIS progress, but little has been done.  He has the means, and arguably the will.  So why are these people being left to die?

Well, don't ask me.  Ask Neda.  (graphic video)

In June 2009, Obama left thousands of pro-democracy people to suffer, and roughly 75 to die, in Iran.  Aka: The Twitter Revolution.

The Kurds?  They are Act II in the same story called "Obama." 

It isn't strategy - Helping ISIS hurts Iran and vice versa.  It is principle.  Thou shall not do what is right for US national security interests, or the interests of freedom-loving people. 

Evidence of this grows in time as the number of witnesses decrease.

Top image from Gateway Pundit: HORROR! ISIS Leaves Trail of Headless Bodies on Streets of Kobane

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