Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola Status

I've moved my Ebola Status spreadsheet to the Obama's Checklist workbook

Obama's Checklist is a list of actions and expected actions by the Obama Administration.  It is my way of cutting through all the noise and spin.  It is my way to track our trip on the road to a worker's paradise.

I've updated the Ebola Status sheet.  Ms. Kaci Hickox has been released from NJ's quarantine today.  Also, a 5-year old boy was admitted at Bellevue with symptoms earlier today.  No news yet on the boy's parent(s) or anyone else he came in contact with.  I also added a location column, and a date column that I'll back-fill later.

Question #1:  What kind of parent takes their child to W. Africa during an Ebola outbreak?  A parent like this, perhaps:

Question #2:  Anyone want to take a guess how the Ebola boy's parent(s) vote?

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