Friday, October 31, 2014

Pre-Election Noise

Judging from what I'm reading at the top political news sites - liberal and conservative - the Democrats will suffer a defeat so big next week that it'll match their biggest defeat ever.  Over 149 years ago!

They lost slavery back then.  And it took another 100 years to restore slavery with Great Society accomplishments such as welfare, bad pubic schools, single-parent households, unions, class warfare, abortion and racial animosity.  Blacks specifically, and liberals in general, are now the slaves of a vacuous political party that can't do anything right. 

Well, this is all noise of course.  It is very possible that this country is so far gone that Republicans will only find themselves excited the week before each election, only to be disappointed that following Wednesday and the following two years.  So no champagne corks are flying at the Commie Obama hat factory just yet.

Of the promising signals in the news, one item deserves to be recorded here for eternity (or until Ushanka is taken offline for the greater good).  Apparently Democrats in NY have sent letters to their donors with the threat that the voter rolls will be checked after the election to confirm who did, and who did not, vote.  As Eatgureldog suggests, this appears to be an act of "Desperation."

This is what the letter said:
We will be reviewing the New York County official voting records after the upcoming election to determine whether you joined your neighbors who voted in 2014. If you do note vote this year, we will be interested to hear why not.
...and this is how the letter read:

Ve vill be reviewing z New York County official voting records after z upcoming election to determine vether your papers are in order.  Ve vill be talking to your neighbors who voted in 2014. If you do note vote this year, we vill give you the chance to vote at z Eastern front.

A little trivia for you: 

That table that Grant and Lee sat at was given to General Custer as a gift from General Grant.  While we've all learned about Maj Chamberlain's bayonet charge at little Round Top, Grant credited Custer for the win at Gettysburg.  Apparently, Custer and his cavalry were ordered to one part of the battlefield, but on their way there Custer saw an emerging weakness in the Confederate's line and charged at a different spot.  

One of Custer's finest hours in the Civil War occurred just east of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. In conjunction with Pickett's Charge to the west, Robert E. Lee had dispatched Stuart's cavalry on a mission into the rear of the Union Army. Custer encountered the Union cavalry division of Brigadier General David McMurtrie Gregg directly in the path of Stuart's horsemen. He convinced Gregg to allow him to stay and fight, while his own division was stationed to the south out of the action. At East Cavalry Field, hours of charges and hand-to-hand combat ensued. Custer led a mounted charge of the 1st Michigan Cavalry, breaking the back of the Confederate assault. Custer's brigade lost 257 men at Gettysburg, the highest loss of any Union cavalry brigade. "I challenge the annals of warfare to produce a more brilliant or successful charge of cavalry", Custer wrote in his report.

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