Monday, October 27, 2014

Resist Oui Much!

Some, in that country that gave us our Statue of Liberty, are following the advice of US race hustler #2, Al Sharpton.

Via EatGruelDog, traffic cameras in France are malfunctioning at a high rate, due to errant backhoes and flying paint.
In Lanobre, France, vigilantes knocked over and smashed a speed camera with a backhoe on Wednesday, La Voix du Cantal reported. On Thursday, a camera in Bassignac on the D922 was set on fire with gasoline. In Bores, vigilantes spraypainted a the speed camera on the RD937 white on Saturday. According to La Republique des Pyrenees, this was the tenth attack on the device.
Al Sharpton should retract his suggestion that 'resistance we much.'

You'll NEVER hear me suggest damaging government property is the proper way to express yourself, or how to push back on tyranny.

Photo above is from the same post, but of a camera in Italy that apparently stopped four shotgun slugs from doing damage elsewhere.

UPDATED 10.27.14 1pm:

As if it were a sign from God... I just came across this photo here.  It looks like a ballistics gel test for Italian traffic cameras.  Hmm.

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