Monday, October 20, 2014

Perspective: Ebola

If we mapped each of our reactions to the Ebola scare from the center out, it'd look like the spokes on a bicycle wheel.  Most aren't paying attention, many have full confidence in the government to contain it, many also see the disease failing to find hosts in a cleaner and neater US society, and some are freaked out with thoughts of society break-down coming from disease plus fear.

The answer is in there somewhere. 

Until we know, here are four sources I would suggest to any open-minded comrade.  The underlying message: optimism is warranted, but everyone should assess, prepare and make a contingency plan.

First, Bill Whittle, who suggests fear of Ebola is worst than the disease:

And the three best articles on the subject I've seen yet:

Weekly Standard: Six Reasons to Panic
Ol Remus: The Ebola Farce
Raconteur: Surfing USA

I hope this helps.

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