Thursday, June 18, 2015

Swimming with Youths

Two stories about youths and pools.  Both from last week.

You'll recall the McKinney incident outside Dallas where a police officer was suspended, and who later resigned.  Here is resident Tracy Carver Allbritton with her story - CBS:

And here in Cincinnati, in the North suburb of Fairfield, a day after the McKinney event, a youth was asked to leave a community pool because he was not dressed for swimming.  He refused.  Surveillance cameras apparently show the youth and friends attacking the responding police officers.  This video shows the escalation and struggle the followed.  The national news has picked up this story too - USA Today.  U/T: GP.

Some will say the Internet and the increase in Obamaphones is the reason we're seeing these things.  They have always been there and now there are more cameras to catch these events.

Others would tell you that the damage to the black family has hit critical levels and that disrespecting law enforcement and even attacking police officers is the new norm.

All I know is this is closer to home than I want.

I find the actions of these black youths disgusting.  They have no ability to make decisions, and seem to suffer no consequences for their actions.  Until we're told otherwise, I'll make the assumption that every criminal caught on video grew up without an involved father and an indifferent mother, and attended public school.  This is how stereotypes are formed, btw. 

Further, I am not ruling out that they were taught this behavior.  These events could be seen as coming from a crisis-as-a-means strategy at the national (read Al Sharpton/Obama) level.  If chaos is achieved with withdrawn police officers and a terrified public, you could tip the balance much like the Bolsheviks did between February and November 1917.  The Revolution's 100-year anniversary is only 861 days from today.

UPDATED 6.19.15 9am:

WZ has an update on the Ohio swimming incident. Two will be charged.

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B said...

all you can do is move elsewhere. The PC folks will excuse their behavior and help the lowlifes invade the "better" neighborhoods.

This has NOTHING to do with race, but all to do with Culture. Some people are raised right, others aren't. Whites are not much better at that level, really, except that no one will make excuses for their behavior like they do black kids.

Lowlifes are, after all, lowlifes.