Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gun News

Everything happens in threes...

One of the top gun bloggers has set his keyboard aside and has fired-up his motorcycle.  Borepatch has called "cease fire" after seven years.  We wish him well.

FB Comrade and author Matt Bracken linked to this story today: Iconic gunmaker Colt is on the brink of bankruptcy - Company missed a $10.9 million interest payment on its debt in mid-May.  The signs were there.  Like US car manufacturers, Colt's quality tanked in the 80's.  Then they missed the polymer revolution.  Then they failed to foresee their home state's desire for gun-control, nor leave in 2014 when the state passed a stupid assault-rifle law.  I think we'd agree though, if a US gun manufacturer is going to disappear, we'd all rather it be by mis-management rather than by the hand of tyrants.  A shame nonetheless.

Remington has dumped both its CEO and its CFO.  Like I saw Colt do in the 80's, Remington has put innovation and quality on the back burner of late, hoping their brand can carry the company.  I was unaware of the 700 rifle issues, but who could have missed the R51 disaster last year?  And we all know about Mr. B's frustration with the Remington buyout of Para.

For Ushanka's art fans, a classic:

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