Friday, June 19, 2015

Or it may not...

Today's Washington Post:
The gruesome massacre of nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., may amount to the worst racially motivated terror attack of our generation and a deeply violent reminder that racism and white supremacy continue to course through America’s veins.
Or it may not....

No doubt, it is the worst race-based crime in the past week or so.

This is pretty simple.  I'm not defending the freak on psychopathic drugs who stole bought a gun to shoot his perceived enemies here.  I'm calling out liberal Karen Attiah, the WP writer, who, like all liberals all the time politicize tragedies in order to further their failed political ideology.  Their agenda includes gun control, white guilt, suppression of speech, and more.  It is a tough calling, and profitable.  It is also less painful than the alternative to admit that liberalism is nothing more than a trash heap of bankrupt ideas based on envy and resentment.

"Terrorism" is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Islam these days, but the word seems to be popping up lately whenever a white person commits a crime.  Keep and eye out for this.  I suspect it is all part of a plan.

The freak didn't kill 9 people to terrorize a community, he did it to kill 9 people.  Nobody is terrorized today by the SC church shooting.  Why?
1) These freaks on psychopathic drugs who gain illegal access to guns are a 1-2 time a year phenomenon, and even liberals like Karen Attiah know it.
2) Because any "terror" in Charleston ended the moment victim #9 was shot.  It was over.  If the Washington Post wants to know about terror, they should send their staff for a weekend in Chicago.  Any weekend.  Perhaps this weekend?
I predict the only "terror" will be shared by fellow shooting enthusiasts as we, once again, watch prices climb and supplies decline as Karen's dear leader tries and fails again to blame an inanimate object for the world's problems disarm his class enemies.  Aside from the 9 dead, their families, the members of the church, the Christians within that Charleston community and Washington Post reader(s), we are the only other victims.

Here are some locations of racially motivated attacks Karen may have missed in her research.  (No links - just click the Crisis as a Means label below to view our other 339 posts on these and related topics.)
Last week:
Fairfield, Ohio
McKinney, Texas

In the last year:
Baltimore, Maryland
Oakland, California
New York City
Ferguson, Missouri
Some article suggestions for Karen:
Write an article that has the tally of police officers murdered and wounded, businesses burned, hair-extensions stolen, and the hours of endless media coverage.  Include the total number of days since the first Ferguson race riot to the Charleston shooting.  Is it not newsworthy that with all the evil white people terrorists in America, it took over a year for the absolute weakest of them to snap?

Call this a creative writing exercise: Write different versions of your article but with a twist.  Twist #1: The gun was linked to Fast and Furious.  Twist #2: The murders happened in a synagog.  Twist #3: the murders happened in a mosque.  Twist #4: The murderer was black and targeted white people in a church.  Twist #5: the murderer obtained his gun legally and did not have a history of mental illness.  Twist #6: the Charleston shooter announces he identifies as black and was in the process of turning his life around.
An article with this title has been sorely missed:  Has the media been complicit in hiding an epidemic of black male violence in America?
Maybe an article titled: How Safe are Gun-Free Zones?   I'd suggest you contact John Lott for objective data on this subject.
How about an article on the impact of psychopathic drugs on society?  Karen, you could be the first to link these drugs to random mass shootings.  I suspect you could build a career on the depth of this subject alone.
It is ok if these articles never see the home page at The Washington Post.  America's bloggers - aka The New Media - will cover these topics in detail.

CORRECTED 6.19.15 3pm:

The news now states that the shooter bought the gun himself.  It was not a gift, nor was it stolen as previously reported.  I made the corrections above.

The significance of this new development is that the shooter had been arrested for drugs recently - a felony.  Current gun laws restrict selling guns to people who have had a felony arrest with a pending court case.  No so for the Charleston church shooter.

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