Saturday, June 27, 2015

Warning Order

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer posted this on FB in response to yesterday's multiple terrorist attacks.  Excellent message.  Excellent photo.
Within the past 24 hours there have been three terrorist style attacks across the world. There has been an incident at a US company owned gas factory in Lyon, France Leaving one dead and two injured. Another incident in Tunisia with 28 people lost in an assault on a west tourist, mostly British. And finally, a blast at a Shiite mosque in Kuwait.

All ISIS/ISIL attacks and all overshadowed by the dog and pony show being put on here domestically by some politicians and mass media. The news that feeds the “inquiring mind want to know” is inconsequential compared to that which is truly relevant but lost on the back page. I urge you to go beyond what is spoon fed to you and see what is truly going on out there.

Yesterday's news was all about the SCOTUS gay marriage decision legislation from the bench.  Disgusting as it was, and depressing for what it means for America's soul, the terror attacks in France and elsewhere should have been the major news of the day.  Mr. Meyer has his priorities straight: tobacco, comfort, professional education, and keeping the tools of war in hand.

Are you doing the same?

U/T: FB Comrade Jamie. 

Our tribute post for Mr. Meyer.

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