Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Preemptive White Guilt

My home town of Cincinnati is ground zero for white guilt.
White guilt oozes everywhere in this segregated city.  As if we ended slavery just last week.

Some embrace their white guilt, anxious, even compelled, to say liberal platitudes they wouldn't otherwise say.

Others bristle under white guilt, not allowed to say what they would otherwise say.

These invisible forces create a tension here where no effective solution is possible.

Which is why Cincinnati is, and will remain, segregated. 

Racist blacks following the crisis-as-a-means chapter in their communist playbook have already attacked and burned capitalism in Ferguson, Oakland, Baltimore and now McKinney, Texas.  Cincinnati's mayor, John Cranley (D), knows it is just a matter of time before the Bolsheviks target his city.

His solution: imply the Cincinnati police are racist because the higher levels are mostly white

Ya, that will calm down those single-parent youths who are turning their lives around as I type this . . .

Mayor Cranley's stupid remarks are just more evidence of Cincinnati's white guilt overdose.  People in this city can't help themselves. 

If the people of Cincinnati were serious about helping the inner city blacks, they would start by fixing the core problem area: Education.  It is 1) in their power to force change in the schools, and 2) their duty to demand that Ohio issue school vouchers.  (In other words, elect people who raise standards rather then lower standards.)

Besides, one wonders if GOP candidate and Ohio Governor, John Kasich, would sign a voucher bill.  He hasn't called for vouchers.

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