Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday Tab Clearing

Selected articles were piling up faster than I could read them.  This post is more defensive than it is informative!

Here are a few I'd recommend for this weekend's reading.  You may see all the articles - 40 pages worth - at this Google Doc.

Maureen Callahan has a review on Joseph Kim's new book, Under the Same Sky.  Joseph is a N. Korean escapee who lived through the famine of the mid-90's.
Kim’s father sold half of the house for a week’s worth of cornbread, and after that ran out, he walked six hours to beg a cousin for food. The cousin refused.

That was the end for Kim’s father. He began decompensating rapidly, screaming all day and all night in agony. Doctors were selling their meds on the black market, and they wouldn’t treat patients unless they were given a full meal.

Comrade and hat owner Aaron Clarey concludes were are approaching Idiocracy in his Captain Capitalism post, School is No Longer Conducive to Human Biology.
People will want to have families, but they're not going to because society, the labor market, academia, and American employers have made it financially and time-wise impossible to.  So there will be a lot of late marriages and a lot of sex, but a lot of birth control, and thus a lot of childless families. 

Hat owner Ann Coulter blames the liberal progressive communist media for ignoring the greatest damage ever accomplished by our liberal progressive communist leaders: Illegal Immigration.  She puts the real total at 30 million, not the oft-mentioned 11 million.
. . . the media will never tell you about Mexicans gang-raping a lesbian in Richmond, California, an Indian immigrant in San Francisco importing 12-year-old girls he bought from their parents for sex, or three children being beheaded by Mexicans in Baltimore.

Don't Americans have a right to know about the cultures flooding into our country?

Libertarian Lily Goldberg slams the movement's men in, Dear Anarcho-Capitalist Guys: No, We Will Never Sleep With You.  Ouch.  This is a funny and sad article about "Neckbeard McGoldBug."  I don't have a dog in this fight - and I feel sorry for those who do - but I do appreciate a few of her suggestions to her fellow Libertarians, such as this:
Now, if you think about it, it’s actually not surprising that anarcho-capitalism has an innate appeal to these sorts of guys. The State, besides being legitimately terrible in all the ways we agree on, survives because it does everything they can’t. In fact, the State’s kind of the perfect sociopath. Its leaders prey on peoples’ emotions under the pretense of caring about them, commit violence and then make people think it was the victim’s fault, and never give up trying to control everything you do under the pretense of caring. And yes, I agree with the anarcho-capitalists that this sucks, but the fact is that it works and you need to be able to beat the State at its own game if you want to get rid of it.
Liberal Lee Siegel suggests you should join him in defaulting on your student loans.  Read this NYT article and see if you ask the same questions I did:

Did you sign an agreement to repay your loans? 
Do you know whose money you borrowed?
Did you know the average salary of your chosen "vocation" before going to college to become a writer?
Did someone actually offer to hire you for that job you "didn't want in order pay the huge debt?" If so, what skill would they have hired you for?
Will you live your entire life blaming others for your failures, or is this just a phase?
The Communist movement in the US is based on resentment and envy.  Lee, are you now or have you ever been a communist?  If not, why did you say this:
I have found, after some decades on this earth, that the road to character is often paved with family money and family connections, not to mention 14 percent effective tax rates on seven-figure incomes.

Richard Larsen posted BALTIMORE: Liberal City of the Future at Comrade Doug's site.  He blames Democrats for the recent unpleasantness.  As do I.
The greater tragedy is the destructive policies of over fifty years of liberal governance, which created the environment of disparity, poverty, and victimhood.

Officials raised property taxes 21 times between 1950 and 1985... estimated 16,000 vacant buildings and over 14,000 vacant lots.

The ideology which has governed Baltimore, Detroit, Illinois, California, and the nation for the past several years, has always been to create a new policy or social program, or additional taxes and spending (aka “investments”) to address our socio-economic ailments. It’s not “school reform,” “job training,” or “investments in infrastructure” that elevate and strengthen communities, it’s a thriving economy. And nothing douses entrepreneurism and economic growth like the massive taxing and regulatory burdens the leftist ideology is so totally invested in.

Sundance slams the McKinney parents (single, black) and suggests "Sexual exploitation is the real story being concealed" in his post, McKinney Pool Party Organizer, Tatyana Rhodes, Lawyers Up – Likely Trying To Avoid Civil Liability…
. . . there exists today a sociology of thug-life and culture that accepts behavior historically defined as lacking virtue or morality.

Erick Erickson warns us about Ohio governor John Kasich's likely 2016 campaign strategy - a strategy of backstabbing and stepping on others to get a leg up.  I hope Erick is wrong, and Kasich runs on his record and with honor.
. . . one does not run for President in the Republican Party by hiring consultants who hate the Republican base . . .

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