Friday, June 26, 2015

Tab Clearing from within a Funk

Sorry for the lack of posts.  Been in a funk lately.  You too?

Rush said it best earlier this week, responding to ObamaTrade:
There's so much of this stuff that you want, so much of it that you wonder how much emotion people have left in their reservoir to even be angry about it. Because since Obama took office, every day or seeming every week has seen a new outrage, and people have... I mean, the Tea Party came in to existence because of the out-of-control debt and spending and Obamacare. But that's just one thing. They're all kinds of others. The debacle that is the Arab Spring. Obama's mess in foreign policy. Every week there has been something new to get outraged over, and I think now into year seven, I wonder how much emotion people have left to be outraged over and how much resignation has just sunk in.
Powerline expands with their response to the Confederate Flag kerfluffle:
The floodgates are open, and craziness is pouring out. The Democrats’ Confederate flag victory has them lusting for more.
That craziness and lust has led to a petition to remove the former slave-holding states from the Republic.  Yet, one of ours - Becky - left this comment:
I'm ready to leave!! For over a 150 years, the Northern states have had a history of racism, bigotry and oppression against Southerners of all races because of our religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and our adherence to the Constitution. Our values are completely incompatible with the Northern Cultural Marxists and Socialists and it would be much better for our prosperity to be out of the Union entirely!
FB Comrade K nailed it when commenting on this story of a cathedral that will be removing its confederate-themed stained glass.
This is getting out of hand. One lunatic has caused a lunatic domino effect.
And this guy is absolutely right to be angry.  But his comment about "starting the slippery slope" is naive.  Comrade, the slope started WAY back there.

All these comments above were before today's news:

I for one will be snapping out of this funk, post-haste. 

I hope you will join me.

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