Friday, June 19, 2015

Rachel Meme Dump

This is the second combo pic/news post on the subject of Rachel Dolezal.  Be sure to check out post #1: The Black Option.

You may think I'm just piling-on with these posts, getting pleasure pointing out the failings of another person.  You're right of course.  And when it comes to "fail," Rachel Dolezal delivers!  But, there is more.  Ushanka is a repository of liberal progressive communist inspirations here in the US, and it is my duty to record all their stupidity for future reference.

But while part one was all about Rachel's lies, and her benefiting from the reverse racism of Obama's America, I'll be starting this post with her first known truth:  She and her ex husband made a sex tape.

Don't care.   But I did notice the Democrat started lying again when she said she performed in the tape against her will.

But wait, there's more!

Gateway Pundit reports:
Phony black activist Rachel Dolezal blackballed other progressive activists from speaking about racism on campus because they were white.
I can see her doing that.

Here she is with the Baltimore Mayor who gave the green light to racist thugs to burn her city.

Comrade Diann, or Patriot Retort, shared this comment on FB the other day:
For Liberals, "blackness" is an ideology. It is why they can accuse Clarence Thomas of not being black while embracing this white woman with the right ideological make-up as being authentically black.

Black Rachel was on Spokane's Police Oversight Commission.  No doubt to keep an eye on all those racist cops.

WZ reports that white Rachel was unanimously voted off the Commission. 

I'm done with Rachel.  I'm on to the next commie pinko bed-wetter.

I want to give a hearty Ushanka Tip to my comrades in the conservative realm for their enlightening, hilarious and brilliant memes and images.  I'm so glad we are on the same side.

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