Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Communist Indoctrination of School Children- Czechoslovakia and America Compared

Another Guest Post from Comrade Amaliya - a hat owner who recently traveled to Europe. 

Sounds familiar, right?  Isn't this going on in our own U.S. public schools currently, with revisionist history at it's worst?  Say something often enough and it will be believed by the low-information masses, starting with the "young skulls full of mush", (as Comrade Limbaugh would say.)  Here in America, our own kids are now being taught that our founding fathers were nothing but slave masters and genocidal maniacs, who must be subverted.  If the basis on which our great country was founded is undermined, then it makes it all the easier to sell a utopian society that lies only in the heads of Communists' (i.e. Democrats')

The informational poster below, seen in the Museum of Communism in Prague, contains many of the same tenets embraced by our own Marxist leader:  Degrade religion (or at least Christianity), create class envy (the rich must pay their "FAIR SHARE"), promote hatred against democratic countries (the diplomatic gap between Great Britain, Israel, Germany, etc. is widening), keep an eye on your neighbor so he will not disturb "social order" (HELLO! NSA monitoring calls/ emails and IRS harassing the Tea Party!)  Golly, the former editor of the Harvard Law Review, Barack Hussein Obama, couldn't have written it any better.

One tenet on the poster lies in stark contrast to the regime under Obama: "A socialist man should be satisfied with a modest income while conscientiously fulfilling the work tasks..."  Obama expects nothing of the sort, since no work tasks are required at all for those who are 'victims' of a capitalistic  society. Victimhood is now a ruling class, extorting funds from the middle and upper classes so social order is preserved. To do anything less will result in flash mobs looting Walmarts coast to coast. Oh wait...... 

The Czechs are digging out of the quagmire of communism which has set them back for decades. Their road to freedom is a valuable lesson, and American democrats need to study much, MUCH harder.   -Amaliya

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