Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Some say "Statists," some "Socialists," others "Communists."  We say "Communist Inspired" - as in they have all the same anti-liberty impulses, amoral instincts, and problem-solving solutions as the Communists, but without the competence or legal structure to pull it off.

Kerodin at III Percenters explores the problems with labels, including "Communist," and has suggested there are three elements to America's problems. 
So I lump all of the Bad People into 3 broad categories: Reds, Those who would be Masters, & Parasites.  The three often overlap, but not always.  The three will devour each other, but they constantly seek fresh meat.  America is entitled to be free of all three categories, and we do not need to apologize, we do not need to "...make room for those who are different..." or tolerate for a single moment the infringements upon Rightful Liberty that define such people.  We are under no obligation to suffer such idiots.

And don't forget Christmas is coming.

You can cheer up a loved one who lost their health insurance with the gift of a Commie Obama hat.

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