Friday, November 22, 2013

Answer: Communism Killed Kennedy

Read Programmed to Kill for the most likely of answers to the Kennedy assassination.

Here is the commie Oswald, wearing his Ushanka while talking with a KGB informant (source):

Oswald defected to the Soviet Union with Top Secret information.  He had been a US Marine and air traffic controller with access to the information about classified flights.  He likely gave the Soviets the altitude of the U2 flights which led to their downing of Francis Gary Powers.

He embraced communism as early as the age of 15.  In the USSR, he was likely enrolled in Khrushchev's assassination program.  The program was shut down, but Oswald went rogue.  He made multiple attempts to reconnect with the Soviets, but they wanted nothing to do with the filthy liberal.

They sent Cuban agent Jack Ruby in afterwards to erase the connection to the Soviet Union, which likely reduced the chance of a justifiable and massive US attack on the Soviets.

As for all the media hype over the anniversary, we suspect the narrative will switch from the Kennedy assassination to the many - real or imagined or likely both - threats against our dear leader.  He needs a boost in the polls and there just might be a little sympathy or white-guilt left in the American public to milk through the 2014 elections.

We're not biting on the conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination.  But we FULLY suspect the Liberals Progressives Communists (aka Journolisters) in the MSM to conspire on a plan to artificially boost Obama's ratings.  It is what they do.

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