Monday, November 11, 2013

The Czech Republic- Emerging from Decades of Soviet Domination

A Guest Post from Comrade Amaliya - a hat owner who recently traveled to Europe.

This past week, I crossed the border from buttoned-up and tidy Austria into the formerly Soviet-occupied Czech Republic.

Our driver offered some context to the Czech people’s struggle, since he was raised in Prague, the capital and center of revolt against Soviet domination.  He was present at the world-famous Wencelas Square in 1989 when 800,000 Czech citizens organized a successful protest against Soviet oppression.

It’s no secret that the people still harbor great resentment against Russians, and this is very evident in the Museum of Communism very near Wencelas Square.  Trying hard to make up the lost ground after decades of oppression by the Communists (1948-1989), Czechs would die before turning back to Communism.

The irony that the U.S.A. is hurling headlong INTO it is not lost on me! (Thank you B.H.O. and low-info voters.)

The street in Prague that leads to The Museum of Communism is lined with banners like this:

Museum of Communism Website

Thanks for the link IOTW!

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