Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Don't bet on it.

Ya he lied, just like Bill Clinton.

Ya, his lies led to over 5 million Americans losing their health insurance.  Ya, many Dem Senators are worried about 2014 and could be persuaded to vote for removal.

But he's black, and his replacement is... not very bright.

But hat owner and comrade NiceDeb links to a couple posts on the subject from smarter guys than Karl:  One from hat owner and former congressman Allen West and one from Walid Shoebat.

We agree the worst is yet to come with the ObamaCare disaster.  As of yet, zero Americans have been physically harmed by the law.  It will be a different story this time next year.

It is ironic, no?  The Liberals Progressives Communists have convinced Americans over several election cycles that health insurance is the most important thing.  To be denied coverage or lose coverage is the absolute worst thing to happen to someone.  Yet, their law has resulted in... denied coverage, and the loss of coverage, for millions.

We predict here that he will not be impeached.  But let the record show, we've been wrong in our predictions about 50% of the time!!

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