Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Agriculture Industry Appears Healthy in Czech Republic

Our last Guest Post from Comrade Amaliya - a hat owner who recently traveled to Europe. 
I'm no expert on such matters, but judging by the piles of cow manure heaped in gianormous piles all over the landscape, I'd say the Czech Republic is doing just fine feeding the folks these days. We rolled around over many miles criss-crossing formerly Soviet-occupied Bohemia this past week and observed hundreds of acres of beautiful and productive farmland.  

During the Stalin era, farmers were regarded as 'enemies of the state,' and farms were nationalized.  No one could own more than 50 hectares of land, so the wealthy farmers' lives were destroyed, while the poor peasants were excited by the new program.  (It was the only FAIR and RIGHT thing to do. Sound familiar?) Cooperatives (see "exchanges") were established, and Communists blackmailed those that did not join.   

It's disturbingly familiar when you realize some of the SAME social experiments are going on right now, right here in America.  All Democrats would need to do is look at the historical records from Soviet Block and other socialistic countries to realize that collectivism FAILS miserably.  The visual in my head is the one of the guy with his own head jammed up his posterior, but I'll supply this one instead:-)  -Amaliya 

U/T: Amaliya.  Thank you for all the great guest posts, Comrade Amaliya.

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