Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No Sympathy

Our dear leader promised an update today on his 5-year universal health care plan.  Here is a screenshot from FoxNews:

Get used to the words "Far short of Goal" in your news while Democrats are calling the shots!

We're going to take a page out of Captain Capitalism's book, Enjoy the Decline.

If you haven't read it, you need to BUY IT NOW.  If you like his book, you can keep it!

You will read horrible, mean-spirited things in this book.  How the author, Aaron Clarey, actually looks FORWARD to seeing people suffer when the EBT cards run dry, inflation spikes, and the greatest nation in the history of the world defaults on its debt.  The people who he is speaking of are those same people who voted for free stuff and trillions in debt-spending.  He is determined to have a grand time of it, and by the end of the book, you will too.

So Mrs. Karl (who also read Enjoy the Decline) and I were talking the other day in the kitchen.  How horrible it is for people to be kicked off of their health plans and unable to find a replacement ObamaCare plan.  Especially for those who have life-enabling prescriptions or other health conditions that can turn ugly in a hurry.  There has to be a desperation there, now 1.5 months after the launch.  Some are even holding out [FALSE] hope that Obama will order the private companies to re-instate their policies until the dear leader can fix his web site. 

But guess how the conversation went. And I'll bet you a Commie Obama hat that we're not the only ones thinking like this....

A lot of those suffering people are liberals.  Or as we say here at  Liberals Progressives Communists.  

Specifically, Obama voters.  Consumers of free stuff.  The lecturers of "fair" and "tolerance."  Those Walmart shoppers you've seen pictures of.  Those who live in the shadows.  The self-proclaimed "open minded" and "enlightened" crowd.  The 47% who don't pay into the system, but are paid by the system.  The flash robbers.  Our betters.  Those who sleep in.  We even know some of them.  Some of them are even family and friends.

That's it.  The conversation ended.  The unspoken conclusion, which would be harsh, rude, out of character and insensitive for us to say out loud:  "Fuck 'em."

We took our bowls of ice cream back to the family room and continued our movie.

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