Monday, December 02, 2013

Black on Black Violence: Unreported in High Def

You didn't hear about this in the MSM.  Remember, they have an agenda, and they will stay on their sinking ship like the men did the Titanic. 

Saturday's football game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines had an incident that even went unreported by the reporters on the scene!

Take a look at:
1) The face mask tackle at the 0:10 mark, then
2) The thug/intimidation/unsportsmanlike gang activity of the Michigan players at 0:14.

Neither were addressed.  By refs or sports broadcasters!

The facemask went un-called, and the sports broadcasters did not mention it during the many re-plays.  The circle of thugs was also replayed and ignored in the commentary. Only the fight that followed was discussed.

Then it hit us.  We had to put on our liberal glasses in order to view this from a racial perspective.

This was black-on-black violence.

The left won't address black-on-black violence because it can lead to conversations about a common and recurring trend of fatherless black men behaving like savages.  The right won't mention black-on-black violence either, for one of two reasons: 1) The right-wingers surrendered their right to free speech to white guilt, or 2) The right-wingers have given up trying to undue generations of damage to the black man via liberal policies.

Zhukov, a student at The Ohio State University, offered a profound observation: "If black men surrounded me like that on the street, I could shoot them."

Being white, we are not allowed to comment on any race issues such as this.

We just don't understand.

But we do have the right, probably temporary, to point out that assault and battery occurred on the playing field Saturday.  This was gang intimidation and gang violence - in uniform.  It was criminal activity.  And those in control of the narrative (ESPN), and those in a position to point to a very serious problem in America, chose to ignore it.

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