Monday, December 09, 2013

Cossack Tea Party?

Man, can those Ukrainians hold a grudge!  It has been 81 years since a Russian forced 6 million Ukrainians to die in a man-made famine - the second such famine in Soviet Russia.  Now their corrupt elected leader has chosen succumbed to oil blackmail and chosen to partner with the Russians.

Nearly a million protesters came out last week, and there have been days of 500k or more in the Kiev center.  We haven't seen a crowd like this since the Tea Party went to Washington in September 2009.  For this reason, we are dedicating this Tribute post to the freedom-loving Ukrainians who know a bad deal when they see one.  Especially this guy:

No sickle, but a monster hammer to the former statue of the former Bolshevic, V.I. Lenin - the man who gave the order for the first Soviet man-made famine in 1921 where 6 million also died.

Putin is using Russia's vast oil supply to gain control of neighboring regions.  He did it with Western Europe over the warnings of Mr. Anti-Communism himself, President Reagan, regarding the Trans-Siberian Pipeline.  He just did it again with Ukraine's President.

And how about this photo?  This Ukrainian priest blessed the hammer that was used to crush the Lenin statue - via The People's Cube:

You can't make an omlette without breaking a few eggs!

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The difference between Obama and Putin:  One will trade national assets to improve the nation's security and to gain leverage over neighboring states.  And one just trades national assets (including the moral high ground).

UPDATED 12.16 6pm:

Hat owner and comrade, Ann Barnhardt, posted this photo of Ukrainian Priest "Buttkickerchuk"

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