Monday, December 23, 2013

Democrat Failure of the Day UPDATED and BUMPED

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We.  Can't.  Stop.  Laughing.

MoonBattery just posted this image in response to an ObamaCare/Democrat Party ad campaign featuring "flannel guy."

We are proud to say that we have NEVER held a cup of coffee like that.  Never had pajamas like that.  And never made a face like that. 

You can see more pile-on images at Twitchy.  It is worth the time!

Remember "glitch girl," the last Democrat Party Failure of the Day that was worthy of a blog post?

Before her it was that Georgetown Law student.

We're reminded of the last years of the Clinton Administration when the policies, spin campaigns and personal qualities of the president were so tired and obviously phony that even Liberals Progressives Communists were ready for the guy to leave office. Embrace the Suck, libs.  Just three more years of mockery to go!

There are, however, two positives from the flannel guy ad campaign:

1)  It distracts us, for another day, from the absolute destructive nature of Obama's presidency, and

2) It reminds us of our own success in defeating the liberal agenda to feminize all men.


More excellent images found at IOTW, Western Rifle, and The Federalist.


Shared by a FB Comrade:

UPDATED and BUMPED 12.23.13:

Christmas came early this year.  The cup o' hot cocoa that keeps on giving!  Here are some more, including our contribution.

This one comes from IOTW:

And this is Flannel Boy's LinkedIn profile - since deleted according to AmericanPowerBlog.

What do you think of our submission?  Maybe this will start a boycott of ObamaCare....

UPDATED 1.5.14 10:30am:

Flannel Boy lives. Now in cartoons!  Click to see the full cartoon at Doug's site.

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