Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Look Back

English Russia.

This classroom photo from 1980's Soviet Russia sparked some thoughts.

1) Wouldn't it be great to get these people together and hear their thoughts on communism?  Maybe they could give some advice to the 39% who still support our dear leader.

2)  I too was in a classroom in the mid-80's, and I too was being taught the glorious benefits of Marxism.  But I was in an Illinois public high school at the time.

3) I'm learning from my readings (see book list at left) that by this time in Soviet Russia, everyone knew they were living in a prison and that their economic model was inferior to the West's.  They, like us today, hear the many excuses why this government 'investment' has failed, that government initiative is taking longer than expected, and that "we've turned the corner" or "we're past the brink."  They look attentive, but like us in that Illinois high school, they were only counting the days until the next "summer of recovery."

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