Saturday, December 14, 2013

They Want You Dead

What a paranoid sounding title, eh?  It reminds us of the warning we and other right-wingers were voicing in 2010 prior to Democrats (only) pushing through ObamaCare.  If you are conservative, you were screaming "Death Panels!" and if you are a liberal progressive communist you were screaming "Paranoid!." 

Then Sarah Palin and her fellow close-minded Republicans were proven right: ObamaCare includes panels of people (liberals) who will decide who gets life-saving treatment and who doesn't.  At twice the cost.

Well, let us venture another fact:

The Liberals Progressives Communists want us dead.  

They have already made the mental leap and are at the very start of a crescendo.  As history shows us, this can go slow or fast depending on how threatened they feel their hold on power is, or if a situation allows them to push an evil agenda forward without restraint.

Some recent events:

Oprah says death is necessary to end racism.  She didn't call for anyone's death, directly.  Only that old white people with prejudice against blacks will need to die for us to finally end racism.  Wasn't the election of the first black American to the office of President supposed to do that?

Look into her eyes and listen at the 3:14 mark:

More at:  MoonBattery and IOTW.

Then you've got US Army LTC Bateman publishing an article at Esquire explaining how A) he knows the Constitution better than the Supreme Court, B) that all guns need to be confiscated, and C) those who won't turn in their guns should face the consequences.

Like Oprah, he doesn't say people should die, but he does say:
My entire adult life has been dedicated to the deliberate management of violence. There are no two ways around that fact. My job, at the end of the day, is about killing. I orchestrate violence.
Oh, and he owns a business that is currently contracted with the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Even a liberal can connect those dots.

You picking up a theme yet, comrades?

More at: MoonBattery and The Sacred Cow.

We'll give one more example only because this could be an endless exercise.  See our previous posts that date back to 2006 for more evidence, if necessary.

How about the mass shooters of late?  Despite first reports of Tea Party affiliation, they all seem to be wacked-out libs.

The Arapahoe High School shooter from this week was, as Sad Hill News reports, "A Bullying Left Wing 'Keynesian' Extremist."  That is long for "Liberal."  Judging by the actions of mass shooters, death is something they seem to embrace when they do their deed.

More at: A Time For Choosing and Gateway Pundit.

If this post were to go viral we could count on the idiots at DailyKos and the other hippie hangouts to come in here and argue against one of our points, or just call us racist.

The point of this post, and this blog, however, is that Liberals are Progressives are Communists. And where ever Communism exists, so does evil, and so follows death.  

Communist thought is the overall primary force from where things like Oprah, abortion, slavery, LTC Bateman, redistribution, race-baiting, mass-shooters and other embarrassments of our society originate.

If/When their hold on power is threatened, or when a massive event occurs that allows them to push their real agenda forward without restraint, remember that you heard it here first:

Still don't believe us?  Just ask Uncle Jang Song Thaek, who, like the millions before him, waited too late to make his stand.

Thanks for the link!  Doug Ross, AngryMike,

UPDATED 12.16 5pm:

Per a comment from Anon below, the original picture of LTC Bateman is in question.  This was seen at another blog post responding to his article, so we felt comfortable using it.  We've replaced it with another photo we've seen of the gun-grabber.


Doc said...

I think it's getting real close for that time where Shit gets real.

I'm ready as soon as the internet and all outside communication goes down, I'm locked and loaded!

angrymike said...

Posted, and locked and loaded....

Anonymous said...

Please correct your picture of LTC Bateman - this gentleman is not the douchebag in question, and in all likelihood is honorable. The objective's picture can be found at or the Sipsey Street Irregulars updated link. Thank you.