Friday, December 27, 2013

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Apologies for the few posts.  No excuse - we're not doing anything else.

We did do a quick scan of our favorite blogs.  Here are some good posts:

NiceDeb posted this Krauthammer video about Obama's Healthcare trillion-dollars-a-year in Redistribution taxes.  Key quote starts at 2:05 - The Hidden Tax:
People tossed off their private insurance.  And then it will be people tossed off their employer insurance, who now have to buy plans with all of these bells and whistles that people don't want.

It does that to artificially inflate the premium, and thus use that extra money that people are paying, the hike in their premium, and use it to subsidize other people.

Middle of the Right reminds us of a key financial lesson: avoid debit cards.  If you haven't heard this before, click over to Mr. B's blog to learn this very important lesson.  Great advice about debit and credit cards, and about keeping some cash on hand.

Doug Ross has posted the Graph of the Day.  Just another view of how much spending and debt Democrats and weak Republicans have gotten us into.  Call us pessimistic, but we doubt this graph will be viewed by anyone who isn't already in the know. 

We often redistribute images from 90 Miles from Tyranny here.  So often that today this quote popped into our head.

Here are two from 90 Miles:

This one gave us an idea for the next Occupy rally...

U/T: to hat owners NiceDeb and Mr. B, and future hat owners Doug Ross and 90 Miles!

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