Wednesday, December 25, 2013

We're Taking it Back

Instead of discussing ObamaCare during Christmas this year as the regime suggested, the conversation was instead about how conservatives have lost flannel and hot chocolate to the Liberals Progressives Communists.

These were strong conservative items.  Both are made, and enjoyed, by capitalists.  Had the Soviet Union survived, we're sure they would brag today about their state flannel and their state hot chocolate.  The flannel would feel (and smell) like old cardboard, and the hot chocolate would be neither hot nor chocolate.  That's assuming you were willing to stand in line for these items.

This little fairy has set us back!

Ushanka's Zhukov received the gift of a flannel shirt today, which led to a series of blistering cracks about how he may or may not hold a cup of hot chocolate.  So we asked him to pose for this photo:

Notice how a man holds a cup.

And wears a flannel shirt.

Yes, we are taking these back from the libs.  From our cold dead hands!

The mug is from the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo WY - a recommended stop by Captain Capitalism if you are in the area.

UPDATED 12.26 6pm:

Comrade Differ is taking it back!

For the record, Zhukov's rifle is a Marlin .17 HMR.  As a commenter correctly pointed out, that is a POS scope.  The scope was 'good enough' back when Karl gave Zhukov the rifle.  He was 10 at the time, and the Liberals Progressives Democrats Communists were in the minority.  The rifle was out on Christmas Day because Zhukov received a new, very nice, replacement scope.


Glen Filthie said... that a CZ .22 you got for Christmas? Made by scum sucking commie bastids in Czecho...Czecki...that bastid east bloc puppet state I can't spell properly?


If so - seriously - get that cheap glass off it and put on Swarovski or Zeiss, 3x9. Yes, these rifles are that good.

Karl said...

that, comrade, is a Marlin. And it was out because Zhukov received a new scope for it - along with his flannel shirt.

Differ said...

I'm perpetuating your anti-pajamaguy meme...will post similar picture on my blog of self in flanel with gun and mug of Cocoa/HotChoc/Black Coffee/Beer whatever.....excellent plan.
Cheers and Merry Christmas