Monday, February 01, 2016

GOP Rankings Report - Feb 1

Here is Ushanka's 13th GOP Rankings Report.  No graph this time - I'm having MS Excel difficulties.  Here is the raw data.

The only changes to the data is zero's for all candidates in the Attack column.  Primary season has started today, and attacks on fellow GOP candidates is fair game.  This column was important in the Fall as many conservatives were against internal attacks after 7 years of Obama.  Most GOP candidates were class acts through 2015.  Jeb!, Kasich and Rubio, not so much.  I'll leave this column zero'd out for the remainder of the Reports.

What does this report say?  

That has been a tough question, until recently.  It is an objective bi-weekly report based on  conservative priorities.  This is the 13th report, and it is becoming apparent these rankings will not move too much now.  The candidates' positions are known, and the only reason someone will announce a new policy is out of desperation.

Two Benefits:
1)  We can see that the GOP leaders, Cruz and Trump, are above average in the pack.
2)  We can also see that Trump and Cruz are about equal against my criteria.
Unless you've lived under a rock these past two weeks, you'll know that the Cruz supporters have launched a full offensive against Trump and his supporters in order to stop Trump's momentum and, hopefully, boost Cruz's numbers.  The leading criticism is that Cruz is more conservative than Trump.  This report proves this claim to be wrong, and every Cruz supporter who I've shown it to has retreated post haste. 

I am for Trump:

I posted yesterday that I will be voting for Trump in my primary on Super Tuesday.  I listed the reasons why.  Hopefully my post will serve as a template to others to list the specific reasons they are supporting an other candidate.

My objectivity with this GOP Rankings Report will remain the same.  As you can see by the criteria I use, there is not much room for me to alter the results anyway.

Columns 1 and 3 have been fixed since Report #1.  As of this report, column #2 will be fixed.  Only changes to candidates' domestic and foreign policies will change the scores from this point forward.

Candidate Website Review:


Jeb! has updated his Issues page in time for the Iowa caucus, and it is damn impressive.  Of course, it is Jeb!, so specific conservative promises are far and few between.  His tax plan page, however, is solid.  Why did he wait six months to share his specific tax plan with us?  Is this the desperation that I've been predicting for a month now - that we'll only see good stuff from candidates on their last leg?  The only other reason I can think of is that his website visitors were not a priority for the campaign.  Either reason is reason to put this guy at the bottom of your list.

Huckabee has updated his Issues page, but I could not find anything new in my brief scan.

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