Sunday, February 07, 2016

Rubio Was Right

Rubio was right.  And Christie was insecure, juvenile and wrong.

The 'big' news from last night's GOP debate is Christie's supposed success at attacking Rubio because he repeats himself.  Stop reading here if you don't want to know the truth.  If you continue, however, you can't complain that you were not told. . .

Ok Comrades - here is the truth. 

Christie is deflecting from the core Rubio message that Christie and Obama are more alike than they are different. 

And more truth:  FoxNews' airing of this segment is their attempt to deflect from what Rubio is saying and instead draw attention to the fact he repeats himself.   "Gotcha Journalism" is an old-media tactic to boost ad revenue and give the non-thinking viewers a short burst of false 'I'm so smart' self-flattery. 


More truth: A top reason I'm not in politics (and probably you too) is the BS of having to repeat several simple messages a million times to a million different people.  One does not have to do that in the private sector.  Christie repeats himself just as often as Rubio and the others.  If he didn't, he would have already dropped out of the race.

Rubio repeated something that needs to be said by all - repeated by all:
What Obama has done is by design. 
In my opinion, this is the single, most powerful message that will capture the most non-Republican voters for the RNC this year. 

Many Obama voters are conflicted - they liked the "Hope and Change" message but, seven years later, are out of work or working two part-time jobs.  They are paying more for the healthcare that they inferred would be free.  Or they have lost their insurance that they were told they could keep.  They are being watched by their government.  They see some crimes go unpunished yet are told we live in a nation of laws.  They see more racial tension and violence now than they've ever seen.  They see their careers stalling and their retirement savings slipping away.  And recent gun sales show their fear is real, whether it is of ISIS, the cartels, #BlackLivesMatters or open borders.

This. Is. By. Design.

The only thing Christie said in the exchange above that has any substance is when he explains the difference between someone with executive experience and one with only legislative experience.  This is an important point that Trump, Bush, Kasich, Christie and Fiorina should include in every sentence.  It will be the key difference between a president who acts, and one who talks.  Anyone can have an idea or cast a vote within a body of 100, but only a few among us can execute.

Christie made his mark by lecturing people on video.  He is good at it, and it is great when he's barking at teacher-union thugs in New Jersey.  It is another thing - juvenile comes to mind - when he is barking at fellow Republicans who are telling the truth about Obama and his like-minded sycophant RINOs in the Republican Party.

/End of Rant

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